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rendering of campus

The Simpson Elementary team is busy planning and designing a personalized and collaborative learning environment where many students will call their elementary school home in just a few months! As you drive by Simpson, you will see all of the progress that is made daily! As well as the physical progress that is being made, we are working to build a team that will ensure all students feel welcome and loved as they enter our doors in August. We want all students to feel comfortable, confident and inspired to reach their unlimited potential.

As excited as we are to see this new building, we know teachers/staff are the heartbeat of our school.  We are creating a team of the best and brightest teachers who embody the characteristics we want modeled for our students. Some of these traits include: servant leader, foster innovation, communicates effectively, exhibits integrity, and empowers others. Soon our teachers/staff will be named and we look forward to joining together to make Simpson the best!

We want parents, students, and the community to join with us in this journey of making this first year memorable and remarkable! How awesome to be a part of something so new and exciting! I can’t wait to open our doors to welcome and love each student that enters!